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Our Produce

Our produce is locally sourced from Surrey and Sussex farms wherever possible. From British White Beef to Southdown and Texel cross Lambs, the animals are grass fed, grazing and roaming freely; allowing them to mature slowly. Our beef and lamb is hung for weeks for the very best flavour. Still locally bred, the native breeds of pig, such as Gloucester Old Spot, seem to be the most popular.

Our free range chickens are kept in a natural environment and are able to mature slowly, producing a happier and therefore more flavoursome meat. Our aim is always for well fed and cared for animals with minimal stress, minimal travelling, slaughtered and butchered professionally.

our meats


The great English tradition “Roast Beef”.

We buy as much cattle as possible locally. The breeds we favour are the native British White, bred and reared by the Trafford family in Tismans Common, Pedigree Sussex from Conies Farm in West Grinstead & English Short Horn from Peaslake in Surrey.

The cattle we buy from these farms are all grass fed, they graze, roam freely and have been allowed to mature slowly for up to three years. We have the cattle slaughtered locally keeping their stress and travel time to a minimum, once they have arrived here at the shop we hang the quarters up to 4 to 5 weeks. All of this combination means that you end up with a good old fashioned flavour from our beef.


We buy English grass fed lamb or hogget (over 13 months) every week from as many local farms as possible.

We hang our lamb for about 1-2 weeks depending on the time of year. Hogget, being older is hung for a longer period. We butcher our lamb daily and cut to every requirement.

We have been buying Pedigree Poll Dorset Lamb and Hogget alongside the traditional Southdown and Texel cross Lambs, both breeds are recognised for their excellent tenderness and eating quality, this is largely due to having been fed on good pasture.


Again local is our theme, we find that the native breeds are the most popular such as, Gloucester Old Spots, Welsh Blacks & Large Whites. What pork needs to make it eat well is a good amount of fat to meat ratio (not too fat and not too lean). If pork is too lean it will be dry and tough, you need the fat to make it succulent and flavoursome and of course the ‘crackling’.

What we aim for is a well fed and cared for animal with minimal stress, minimal traveling, slaughtered and butchered professionally, all of these key factors produce a good eating pig.


The free range chickens are reared in a temperature controlled area until they are 28 days old when they are moved to their grass free range area at Fosse Meadows.

They are kept in a natural environment and able to mature slowly, which in turn produces a happier and therefore more flavoursome chicken.


Game Birds

All of our pheasant, partridge & wild mallard are from local farms & estates. They are hung, plucked and dressed especially for us. When the grouse season opens on the 12th August grouse is bought straight down from the moors, also available are the prized woodcock and can be reserved upon request. Wood Pigeon, quail and guinea fowl are available all year round, whole boned or the much favoured breast fillets.

Rabbit & Hare

The sale of hare is not permitted between 1 March and 31 July inclusive, Hare has a delicious rich gamey flavour and can be ordered during the season. Rabbit is available all year and can be prepared and jointed if you wish.

Wild Boar

Wild Boar has become increasingly popular and are now reared and managed across the country. Wild Boar is a darker richer meat slightly sweeter and leaner than our modern pigs. A variety of cuts can be ordered, why not try our delicious Wild Boar & apple sausages.